Story Gallery

​Everyone has a story to share and everyone loves to learn a new story.  We invite you to discover why Grove City holds a special place in the hearts of alumni, faculty, friends and family.

Jane (McKnight) Klingenberg ’63

Grove City College Matters to me because it gave me a solid foundation for my 36 year career in teaching which I dearly loved. It reinforced the values which my family instilled in me as I was growing up. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that wonderful friendships I have made (and continue to make) as part of the GCC Family. READ MORE

Nancy (Lee) Paxton ’54

Grove City College is a family! That "family" includes the current students, alumni, and past and present faculty and administrators, as well as men and women of the entire support staff..all dedicated to carry on the rich heritage of Grove City College. "Tho' the land and sea may part us. Far removed thy towers and campus. Staunch and true there dwells within us, all the spirit of thy life. Hail ... READ MORE

James Stark ’51

I was one (of the many) that returned from WWII (U.S. Navy) to enroll in Grove City College. Two days after graduation, I drove to California with a Grove City College faculty member (Edward Bowden) to begin graduate work at U.S.C. It has been “A Great Adventure”! Thank you GCC!! READ MORE