Richard Jewell

Together, We Can Make A Difference That Matters

Grove City College is about faith and freedom; it's about independence. All of those things are important words, but they are not just words. They are principles—principles upon which we operate, principles in which we believe in producing young men and women who are prepared to lead in all aspects of their lives. That's the difference that Grove City College makes, and that's why Grove City College matters now and in the future of American higher education. But we can't do it alone.
It’s my distinct privilege to serve as the 9th President of Grove City College. As a member of the Board of Trustees since 2004, I've always been inspired by the ways in which Grove City matters to our current generation of students, our graduates and our country. The Grove City Matters campaign is essential to the future of this great college. Now, more than ever, your investment in Grove City College matters.

Signature - Richard JewellHon. Paul J. McNulty '80

There Is No Better Place

We have an opportunity to change the course of the future over the next 100 years. If you believe in America and you believe that leadership is important, there's no better place to put your money than Grove City College.

We operate the college like a business. We're intelligent about the way we spend money. We're focused on our students. We have full time faculty in the classroom and it's an outstanding education. We're about freedom. We're about providing an opportunity without the interference of others—most especially the federal government—in what to do and what to teach.

A Nurturing Place, A Challenging Place

We focus on what we believe is appropriate and right to teach. We focus on developing relationships that will make a difference for the long term. We provide the opportunity for young men and women to find themselves, to find their faith, to find their relationships, to define themselves, to be educated in an environment that provides an opportunity for all of them to be successful and determine what the right answer is for them. It's a nurturing place. It's a challenging place. It is an outstanding education. And we believe it is as qualified as any other education in America and the results demonstrate that. Some would ask why now? I would ask if not now, when?
Grove City College has leaders that can go out and make a difference. We need you to be a part of that difference.

Signature - David RathburnDavid R. Rathburn '79
Chairman of the Board